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Nifty Cash 8110 is good support, ICICIPRULI 295 - 292 Is good support, DHFL 440.50 is good support, Soyabean dec 3109 is good swing level, Rmseed dec 4820 is good swing level, Silver dec 39970 is good support, Copper Feb 403 is good level, Crude oil dec buy only above 3545, Zinc Dec 183.50 is good support, Lead dec 158 is good level
Sensex26230.66 -329.26 (-1.24%)

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FII & DII trading activity in cash market on 01/12/2016
FII's sold -402.62 crores stock in cash market and DII bought 237.81 crores stock in cash market
FII trading activity in future market on 01/12/2016
FII's bought 707.56 crores of index futures and bought 724.46 crores of index options. FII's bought 303.60 crores of stock futures and bought 53.50 crores of stock options.